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Gut Basthorst - what you can expect

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The estate itself can trace its roots back to the 13th century and has been in family ownership for more than 400 years.
With an unwavering commitment to innovation, the von Ruffins have carefully modernized and expanded estate operations in recent decades.
Today, Gut Basthorst is an internationally renowned location known for its cultural and sporting events, such as the annual spring and autumn fairs or the Gut Basthorst Polo Cup. These events attract thousands of visitors each year, who are captivated by the estates unique combination of rural charm and unspoiled surroundings.
Interestingly, the estate is also a running agricultural holding, with Baron von Ruffin being one of the pioneers of a transparent approach to agricultural production, which allows you to keep track of every step of production, from planting the grain in the soil to the finished product sold at the bakery.
Whats more, there are several artisans, craftspeople and merchants permanently on site, enriching the creative atmosphere of the estate and giving you an opportunity to browse their shops or maybe even learn a handicraft technique yourself:
"Feingeisterei" - Our local distillery
"Mackmyra" Swedish Whiskey GmbH
"Mohring Jagdwaffen" - Hunting equipment & more
"Heike Dienemann" - Restoration laboratory
"van Dieren: Country Life Style" - Women´s and men´s fashion
"Oliver Brose Antiques"
Gut Basthorst heute